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Dipl.-Ing. Arne Kruft
Licensed Energy Consultant
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EKG – live better – work better!

From finding of facts to quality management a complete performance chain is
covered by our energy strategies. Those include cost-profit-comparison, lifetime
analysis, assessment of investment and follow-up costs as well as non-monetary
aspects like appropriate ergonomic conditions, environmental and marketing aspects.

We are familiar not only with developing partial and complete energy strategies
for new buildings but also with the economical and sustainable renovation of old
buildings. Within our portfolio you will find concepts for passive houses, preservation
of monuments and historic buildings (e.g. churches) as well as innovative systems
engineering (e.g. ventilation plants, cooling of components, combined heat and
power(chp), cool-pv, water-fired chiller etc.). The complexity of our calculations
ranges from estimates and monthly balances (DIN 4108 standard) to dynamic

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